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Dissertation Topic for your Research

Why spend time choosing a dissertation topic? Everyone that has written a dissertation knows that it is not easy to find a topic that has not been researched. Dissertations can also take years to complete, so you want to pick a topic that interests you.

What makes a nice topic? A dissertation topic is expected to be exciting and unique to the writer. It should also pertain to your field of study and a new aspect of the field. It can also provide a new angle to existing research or issue. Your dissertation is also expected to have a reasonable conclusion.

How to Choose a Topic for your Dissertation

Where do you begin your research? Your tutor is more knowledgeable. Therefore, he/she might give different suggestions. However, those are not the only available options.

Think about things that interest you and how they can be researched. You can also get ideas from other dissertations, which would give you an idea of what has already been done.

Coming up with a topic of your own can be quite challenging. These are different places you can get ideas from:

  • Study recent dissertations in your field of study and get other areas available to research.
  • Check other scientists’ work for example.
  • Read on the discussed topic and ideas based on your area of interest.
  • Search for exciting dissertation topics and ideas online.

Topics in Business and Administration

Dissertation topics on business and administration deal mainly with the unstable state of modern technology and the research done on it. Writing a dissertation in this area is an excellent investment if you are willing to venture into business management. You can also be a source of development in the future.

Economics-based Dissertation Topics

Economics deal mainly with factors that surround us as humans. Economics deals with several aspects, such as sociology, geography, or anthropology issues.

Research Topics in Humanities

Writing a dissertation in humanities deals with the philosophical or cultural phenomena which require a unique set of methods. You will have to review several sources and turn them into your distinct research.

Law Research Topics

When you do custom dissertation writing in law, you have to deal with historical and contemporary research. It would be difficult to get a topic that involves both economic and social issues. Apart from being a theoretical study, your dissertation can also serve as a base for legislative change in the future.

Natural Science Topics

Natural science is one of the most important branches of science. Many topics have already been explored. However, there are still a lot of phenomena that have not been studied.

Social Science Topics

Social science is a combination of several fields that deal with psychological and social issues. This field requires a lot of research owning to the fact that it is a field of study that is still rapidly developing.


With the ideas and tips provided above, you can easily write your well researched and unique dissertation. You have to ensure that the topic interests you and has relevance scientifically. You should also ensure that there are available materials for research.