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How to Choose the Best Topic for your Dissertation

Studying for your masters or PhD is good for you professionally, but stressful for you academically. At the end of your course, you will have to produce a dissertation. A dissertation requires a lot of research and can’t be carried out overnight. 

A dissertation takes a lot of time, effort, and research. It’s quite impossible to get it done in a year. There are many things to put in mind when carrying out your dissertation. This review would help you know everything that you need to know about writing dissertations and how to choose the best dissertation topic.

At the end of this review, you will be able to write your dissertation well and end up presenting a good one.

Factors for Choosing the Right Topic for Dissertations

There are some factors you should keep in mind when you start writing your project because it would lower your stress and make it more convenient. It is not an easy thing to put your thoughts on paper; that’s why we’ve split the process into three main categories.

  1. Writing your dissertation would take a lot of time. Don’t stress yourself thinking it is taking too long. A dissertation can take up to a year or even more. You might not get it the first time, no one does. You might not be an exception. It is highly recommended to start your papers with a lot of time to spare.
  2. Before you start researching, you have to choose your topic so you will be able to know what you want to address. Doing research can be quite tedious and long.  You have to understand your research, which would entail a lot of reading.
  3. Another tedious task you will face is writing your dissertation. The final draft you will be giving your tutor could take at least four to five months for you to complete. Make sure you take your time in writing the draft, or you will end up submitting a sub-standard dissertation. You should ensure that you mention all your sources. Your draft will be reviewed, rejected, or approved by your tutor.

Ensure that you choose your topic based on what your study field entails. You should select your topic based on things that you are interested in and how much you know about the subject. Do not pick things you are interested in but don’t know anything about the field.

Your final draft will likely end up a success if you choose your topic based on what you know and what interests you. You can always use the services of a dissertation service if you aren’t able to write yourself. It’s always up to you to choose.


Writing your dissertation can be quite a tedious task that will cost you time and a lot of effort. The tips and advice we have given above would be helpful for you to get your dissertation done successfully.