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Crafting A Successful Dissertation Proposal

Writing a dissertation proposal comes before the actual study. A well written dissertation proposal provides a clear plan on how to proceed with the study from the beginning to the end. This makes the work less hectic. To the readers, a proposal gives an analysis of what the paper is all about. It also presents the questions that will be examined, the study’s theoretical background and the methods that will be used to justify it as well as how the results will be integrated into various societal aspects.

While you can use a dissertation proposal template to write the paper, it is important that you know how to create original work. Here are guidelines to assist you in writing a unique proposal for your dissertation.

Know the Main Components of a Dissertation Proposal Defense

To craft a good dissertation proposal, you must know on its components first. Generally, a dissertation has several parts that can be written in different formats. Nevertheless, there are basic elements that must be included in a typical dissertation proposal.

An ideal dissertation proposal should comprise of the following parts:

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Research findings
  • Conclusion


The introduction should be the first part of a dissertation proposal sample. In this section, indicate the background of the topic, thesis statement, and objectives of the study. It should also highlight the research questions that will be answered later on in the proposal.

Literature review

The literature review section gives an analysis of the literature and sources of data that will be used in the paper. All materials reviewed here should be relevant to the study and aimed at answering the research questions. Literature review can also include theories and findings of past studies on the same or related topic.


The methodology section can be structured in various ways. For instance, you can start with an introduction of the research methods that you intend to use in the paper, description of the research design and questions, setting and participants, data collection and analysis then sum it all up in the conclusion. It’s also possible to find a dissertation proposal example with a methodology section that includes elements like research hypotheses and sample.

Research Findings

In this section, give readers the particular information that is already in your possession. This is the information that you intend to use in the study. Make sure that you organize your research findings in line with the objectives of the study as already mentioned in the previous chapters.


Writing this section is the last step in dissertation proposal writing. A conclusion summarizes a thesis. The conclusions should be based on the actual study as indicated in the introduction. You can give a short discussion of your project and provide suggestions for future research.

To properly understand the concept, take time to read past dissertation proposals written by senior students or custom thesis samples, as well as dissertation proposal how to write written by professionals in your field of study.